Juniors Karate

Teach Your Child Confidence, Discipline and Focus With These Amazing Karate Classes

Our program for 7-13 year olds is exactly what they need at this changing point in their lives. Based on traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu taught by Gogen Yamaguchi and Chojun Miyagi, our style of martial arts is specifically tailored to kids and teaches them confidence, focus and discipline.

Family Goju Karate was founded in 2015 by Sensei Daniel Samuelsson and his two children, Sempai Ben and Sempai Emily. Sensei Dan started training when he was a young boy and over the years has dabbled in Kyokushin, Jui Jitsu, Jodo and MMA. 

This age can be troublesome at best, and terrifying at worst, and we tailor our classes to help prep your children for life in and after primary school. We focus not only making sure your children are physically fit, we also teach societal skills such as teamwork, confidence and focus to help mold your child into the well rounded individual you want them to be.


Sensei Dan is very friendly [and] my son is learning lots about karate.
I’m totally satisfied with what my son have achieved through this class.

Waruna Sanjeewa Epa, Parent

We love our instructors, [they] are amazing people who love their job and they knows how to keep children focused and how to make everything fun.

Tina Perada, Parent

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