Family Karate

Reconnect With Your Children With These Great Family Karate Lessons

Our program for families helps our students connect with their children and vice versa using the power of Karate. Based on traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu taught by Gogen Yamaguchi and Chojun Miyagi, our style of martial arts is specifically tailored to young children and teaches them confidence, focus and discipline

Family Goju Karate was founded in 2015 by Sensei Daniel Samuelsson and his two children, Sempai Ben and Sempai Emily. Sensei Dan started training when he was a young boy and over the years has dabbled in Kyokushin, Jui Jitsu, Jodo and MMA. 

We teach all the stuff we teach the kids to our adults (with a lot of extras) so our programs are a perfect way to re-connect with your kids and find something more to talk about than just “How was your day?” and “What have you been up to?”

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